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Nafie El Amrani




GVB plans to replace its current bus fleet with Zero Emission buses in the period between 2020 and 2025. This will happen in 6 batches, in principle 1 batch every year. For the first series of buses and chargers, a contract was entered into VDL following a European tender. The next series of buses and chargers will be outsourced in Europe by means of a new contract. This concerns both standard buses (12 metres) and articulated buses (18 metres). The basic principle is "opportunity charging" technology, supplemented if possible with "overnight charging". Charging will take place both in bus depots and in public areas.

To onbtain the latest information available in the market, GVB decided to set out a market consultation.

This market consultation is a separate process that is conducted prior to a formal tendering process. The market consultation is not a call to participation and does not form part of a pre-qualification procedure. The information obtained from the market consultation can be used to ensure an effective tendering process. By undergoing an effective tendering process, this increases the chance of a suitable tender for GVB.

For further information, please download the added Market Consultation Document.


Information memorandum 23112020_market consultation EB4 Final.xlsx 16 Kb



Market consultation document EB4 1.2 Final.pdf 375 Kb



Marktconsultatiedocument EB4 Definitief_Versie 1.2.pdf 356 Kb



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10 Nov 2020 14:00 — 27 Nov 2020 17:00


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