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10221 Master and working cell banks seeds, on behalf of the Institute for Translational Vaccinology (Intravacc)


IUC-RIVM http://www.rivm.nl
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Peter van Zaltbommel

030 - 274 91 11



The objective of this invitation to tender is to fulfill the need for a contract for the manufacturing of a Master Cell Bank (MCB) and Working Cell Bank (WCB) of genetic modified Vero-G cells (ML-I) and the Master Virus Seed (MVS) and the Working Virus Seed (WVS) of the genetic modified Respiratory Syncytial Virus (ML-II) in conformance with the scope of supply as described in chapter 7 of the ITT by contracting 1 (one) suppliers.
This ITT covers the demand of Master and Working Cell Banks Vero-G cells and Master and Working Virus Seeds for RSV.

More information can be found under the tab 'Surveys'.

Intravacc is currently exploring the possibility of in-company manufacturing. When it is proved possible for Intravacc to manufacture the requested products themselves, this tender procedure will be terminated immediately.

Interested parties can't enlist themselves directly for participation, the buyer will invite the interested parties to the tender. If you want to participate, please send an e-mail to peter.van.zaltbommel@rivm.nl
Locked open
Offer phase:
25 Oct 2013 11:00 — 3 Feb 2014 11:00


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