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113877 Mobility as a Service Platform


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Peter Jurjens




Here You find the tender documents for the Tender of a Mobility as a Service Platform (MaaS) as published by GVB on behalf of the Joined Parties GVB, HTM, NS and RET.

The Joined Parties are looking for a contractual partner that can
  1. Deliver, run, further develop, improve, expand and maintain (mostly off-the-shelf and integrated) MaaS Facilities consisting of at least:
    • an open and standardized MaaS Platform
    • multiple instances of a White-label app
    • data and functionality offered as separate modular (loosely coupled) services to be integrated in proprietary systems and apps
  2. Deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) (see 2.3.3 for what is required) of the integrated MaaS Facilities in approximately 4 to 6 months after contract reward.
  3. Design and realize API's for connecting loosely coupled functional modules for a wide range of Mobility Provider types on at least a data, technical and functional level.
  4. Realize further development of the above mentioned MaaS Facilities for or with the Joined Parties and adapting to emerging Dutch data and connectivity standards.
  5. Support, management and monitoring on the MaaS Facilities
  6. Training in and documentation of the MaaS Facilities:

Key elements regarding the contract:
The contract is twofold:
  • The Joined Parties need an open MaaS Platform connecting a large variety of Mobility Providers and MaaS Providers. Therefore the Joined Parties want to obtain an exclusive right to use and commercially exploit the MaaS Platform as it will be developed and delivered to the Joined Parties under this contract in the Netherlands. This means for example that the Joined Parties will instruct the supplier when to connect other MaaS/Mobility Providers and that the contractual party cannot connect partners for the Dutch market on its own initiative (B2B exclusivity). If the supplier offers their own app to consumers, it can do so acting as a Maas within the framework of the new platform organization.
  • Given the fact that Joined Parties qualify as MaaS Providers themselves, Joined Parties want to be connected to the MaaS Platform and make use of the same services as other MaaS Providers. The Joined Parties seek for a software as a service (SAAS) concept to which they all will be granted a license to use this platform and obtain the right for any further developments including support.
  • The Joined Parties explicitly seek for a party who is willing and able to give the Joined Parties either direct influence on the roadmap for the further development of the MaaS Facilities or have a roadmap which aligns with the vision of the Joined Parties.
  • Also the Joined Parties are considering the possibility to obtain the Intellectual property rights to (parts of) the MaaS Facilities so they can further develop the MaaS Facilities if the contracted party no longer wishes to do so or is being (partly) sold or taken over or stops his activities on the MaaS Facilities. If the Joined Parties are not able to obtain the IP, an Escrow agreement will be part of the contract to guarantee continuity.
  • The data obtained and processed in the MaaS Platform, apps or API's will exclusively belong to the Joined Parties or - where applicable - to the Mobility Providers or MaaS Providers.
  • The price model for this contract will be shared with the selected Candidates in the next phase of the tender. However the Joined Parties do not seek a MaaS Platform which is revenue based. Other possibilities are open like transaction based or consisting of a basic fee and a variable part with a maximum amount.

The tender will take place entirely electronically, and this Negometrix procurement tool will be used (www.negometrix.com). All communications between the Joined Parties and the Tenderers in the context of the tender shall take place via this procurement tool, unless expressly stated otherwise.

All relevant information about the contract can be found in the offer guideline, which is to be found here on Negometrix in the question lists.
Sealed with Preselection
Selection phase:
16 Apr 2019 16:16 — 3 Jun 2019 10:00


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