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Ministerie van Defensie http://www.defensie.nl
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Vincent Spijkerman

+31 600000000



The contracting authority hereby invites you to submit a tender for a Mission Planning Tool  (MPT). Your tender will be assessed on the basis of the conditions set out in this invitation to tender, using a nonpublic-open procedure in accordance with the Public Procurement Act. 

The European Air Transport Command (EATC) wants to renew their current Mission Planning Tool (MPT) for the use of Mission Planning. The MPT is also called a Military Planning Tool.
EATC and partner nations require, in support of operations, a Military-Off-The-Shelf flight planning tool. As well as services in support of current and future aircraft types. The current and future aircraft types are derived from the participating nations.

The requested tool (a combination of hard- and software) has to provide worldwide airport and airway data, computerized flight plans, meteorological information, NOTAM (Notice to Air Men) and other supporting services for units of EATC Participating Nations.

Entrepreneurs who would like further information about the use of Negometrix can consult instructions at:
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13 Jan 2020 14:15 — 15 Jan 2020 16:00


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