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161552 Market Consultation - Replacement of the Medium Sized Harbour, seagoing capable, Tugs (MSHT) and Line-Handler/Work-Boats (LHWB) of the Royal Netherlands Navy


Ministerie van Defensie http://www.defensie.nl
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In Den Helder the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) operates one (1) harbour/seagoing tug, two (2) smaller tugboats and five (5) line handler/workboats in and out of its naval base. There is a need for replacement of these tugs and line handler/workboats because of the upcoming End Life of Type (ELOT). The replacement of these boats is scheduled ending May 2022. The RNLN is planning to replace the eight (8) mentioned ships with three (3) medium sized harbour tugs (MSHT) and three (3) line handler/workboats (LHWB).

The procurement process for the medium sized harbour tugs and line handler/workboats had to be stopped at an earlier stage. Therefore, the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) wishes to explore the market's potential to meet the replacement need of the RNLN. This market consultation is focused on medium sized harbour tugs with stage V propulsion and line handler/workboat with 100% battery powered electrical propulsion.

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