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180470 Market consultation Mobile Hydrogen Production Refuelling Station (MH2PRFS)


Ministerie van Defensie http://www.defensie.nl
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Marjo Brink-Koning




The Royal Netherlands Navy has a future need for a Mobile Hydrogen Production Refuelling Station (MH2PRFS). A market consultation will be held with regard to this need, in order to determine whether the market can meet certain requirements; which added value can be provided with the delivery; and which commercial parties are interested in the assignment or part of the assignment.

This tender provides all the relevant information concerning the market consultation. If you have any questions, please submit them in the "Question & Answer" module.

You have until 21th July 2021 14:00 hours (GMT+1) to participate in this market consultation.

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Sealed without Preselection
Offer phase:
1 Jul 2021 16:18 — 21 Jul 2021 14:00


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