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197500 Production and Installation Liquid Nitrogen Supply System


Universiteit Maastricht http://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl
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Bianca Müller

+31 (0)43 3882222



General information Maastricht University
Maastricht University (UM) is known in the Netherlands and abroad for its unique education system: problem-based learning (PGO). UM also distinguishes itself by its strong international orientation. An increasing number of students from all over the Netherlands as well as from abroad opts for the Maastricht system.
UM is the youngest university of the Netherlands and growing fast. It currently has approximately 20.000 students and 5.000 employees.
Education and research at UM are mainly organised on the basis of faculties and schools.
More information on UM can be found on the internetsite www.maastrichtuniversity.nl.

Reason for the Tender Procedure
UM requires a required sub-cooled liquid Nitrogen (LN2) supply system in the cryogenic ETpathfinder facility in Maastricht, and the proto-typing facility in Twente. We tender the production and installation of these systems and ask interested parties to bid on this.

Description of the Contract
Maastricht University as the lead-partner in the ETpathfinder project will host a facility aimed at the development and tests of extremely sensitive optical interferometers like those used in gravitational wave detectors. The primary goal is to improve the sensitivity to the level required by future generations of gravitational wave detectors. More general, ETpathfinder will be an international center for research into gravitational astronomy, high-precision measurement techniques, vibration isolation, measurement and control software, cryogenics and (quantum) optics.

A more detailed description of the ETpathfinder project can be found in: https://www.etpathfinder.eu/.

Purpose and intended result of the Tender Procedure
The purpose of this Tender Procedure is a European Tender to enter into an Agreement with one party.

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Offer phase:
21 Apr 2022 16:00 — 20 Jun 2022 12:00


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