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19811 Pallas Project - Design and construction of a nuclear multi-purpose research reactor


PALLAS http://www.pallasreactor.com
Lead buyer
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Simon Harris

+31 (0)6 538 62742



The Foundation Preparation PALLAS Reactor (PALLAS) is pleased to invite your company to pre-qualify as part of the selection process for the appointment of an Owner’s Engineer in connection with the design and construction of the PALLAS Reactor. 

The Surveys provide further information about the Owner’s Engineer role and requests your responses to a number of questions. Your responses will be used by PALLAS to determine which candidates should proceed to the Tender Phase which forms the second and final part of the Owner’s Engineer selection process.
The aim of the Pre-Qualification Phase is to thoroughly evaluate and examine the capability, competence, experience, resources and systems of candidates. The surveys define the response required from your company during the Pre-Qualification Phase of the selection process.

for more information please visit http://www.pallasreactor.com/?lang=en
Sealed with Preselection
Selection phase:
5 Dec 2014 23:00 — 23 Jan 2015 12:00


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