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202008 Qualification System - 2 GW HVDC Stations (Converter Systems & Platforms)


TenneT TSO GmbH https://www.tennet.eu/de/
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Daniel Pomplun

+49 (5132) 89-6915



The scope of this Qualifications System are for the Category Converter (A) and / or the Category Platform (B)

Category A Converter: The scope of this category includes in particular: HVDC converter systems for offshore and onshore converter stations and maintenance of the complete HVDC converter stations and optional the civil works for the onshore converter stations.

Category B Platform; The scope of this category includes in particular: design, engineering, production, transportation, delivery, project management, installation and commissioning of the offshore platform (topside and jacket) and optional maintenance for the auxillary systems.

Under this Qualification System TenneT will issue separate tenders. Each tender for an offshore Grid Connection System will include the full scope of Category A and B. This means there will be no scope split between offshore platform and HVDC. In case of a purely onshore-onshore connection the tender scope will not include the platform (category B).
Qualification System
Published on:
1 Jul 2022 9:11


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