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55010 PRJ-2218 - Last Resort Air Traffic Situation Display System


Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (LVNL) http://www.lvnl.nl
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Vincent van Roemburg




AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL THE NETHERLANDS (ATC-NL) is a Dutch independent administrative organisation that is responsible for providing air traffic services to civil air traffic in the Dutch airspace in a safe, efficient, and environmentally sensible way. In the Dutch Aviation Act this and all other tasks of ATC-NL have been laid down. Besides the provision of air traffic services these tasks consist of the provision of communication, navigation and surveillance services (including the modernization and management of these technical systems), giving aeronautical information, catering for air traffic control training and providing aviation charts and publications. In short, ATC-NL is responsible for the control of Dutch civil airspace as well as parts of the North Sea area and everything related. ATC-NL became operational  in 1923 and since 1993 as an so called "Independent Administrative Body (ZBO)". You can read and download relevant information regarding ATC-NL on www.lvnl.nl and www.luchtverkeersleider.nl

Reason and nature of the Assignment
This tender procedure - reference number PRJ-2218 - is aimed at the installing of a last resort air traffic situation display at the Riekerpolder centre.

In 2012 ATC-NL opened a contingency centre to be able to handle at least 70% of the traffic of Schiphol in a situation where its main centre at Schiphol-Oost is compromised. The contingency centre, situated at the Riekerpolder facility, is not equipped with the main flight and surveillance data processing system of ATC-NL, the so-called Advanced Amsterdam ATC (AAA) system, but with Phoenix. If Phoenix at the Riekerpolder fails, the last resort would be to use paper flight strips printed with yet another system. As the ATC-NL controllers work completely stripless for more than a decade, it is difficult to keep them sufficiently trained in using paper strips to build situational awareness. Furthermore it is expected that the traffic density and therefore the controller work load for handling traffic in the TMA will be very high even in a contingency situation, making the use of paper flight strips impractical. Therefore ATC-NL is considering installing a last resort air traffic situation display at the Riekerpolder centre. As a temporary solution ATC-NL has deployed Albatross open source software from Skysoft. 

Scope of supply
The scope of supply consists of prototyping and subsequent implementation of a Last Resort Air Traffic Situation Display (LR-ASD). The scope includes both deliverables and services. ATC-NL wishes to contract a party that is able to deliver a functional prototype based on system specifications and subsequently an operational LR-ASD that meets SWAL 4 requirements.  

  • Licenses: ATC-NL wants to have the licenses to use the Software LR-ASD within ATC-NL premises for an unlimited number of working positions. In first instance the software LR-ASD will be installed at the present contingency centre only. In the framework of the replacement of the main ATC-system at ATC-NL expected in 2022, it is considered to install the LR-ASD at the main operations centre too. The expected initial number of working position are as follows: 
    • 19 operational working positions at the Riekerpolder 
    • 2 simulator working positions
    • test system, number currently unknown
  • System documentation

  • Development and configuration of a prototype system in a number of iterations.
  • Development of an operational system based on the prototype
  • System Acceptance Tests
  • Support for initial installation
  • Maintenance Services of the operational system
  • Any further development of the system on demand
  • Training
  Please note that further detailed information regarding the scope of supply can be found in the Invitation to Tender.
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Published on:
15 Jun 2017 9:58
Offer phase:
13 Jun 2017 10:10 — 14 Aug 2017 7:00


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